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FluidFrame Total Roof System

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Wooden Roof TrussFluidframeWooden Roof Truss

NZ Poles has developed the FluidFrame wooden roof truss system to meet the demand for a higher quality and more cost effective roof structure for use in developing nations. The system is a complete kitset roof package, and includes prefabricated trusses and all other timber roof components required for the structure. All components are optimally engineered for efficiency, and made from cost effective renewable New Zealand pine. Our FluidFrame Total Roof system has already proved to be popular with international resort construction, large aid donors and recent government funded housing projects. Clients currently using the FluidFrame system are being held in high regard by local communities, international contractors and project managers.

FluidFrame Quality Assurance Our FluidFrame timber components are required to meet strict strength, grading and treatment standards. The structural grading criteria of FluidFrame timber depend on the end use application. Structural Grade timber, such as in trusses and roof battens, are mechanically stress graded (MSG) for strength. All appearance grade timber, such as fascia boards and joinery, are visually graded (VG) for knots, defects, and stability. As all timber manufacturers and saw mills are required to meet strict New Zealand grading standards, the timber is guaranteed to be of the highest standard. Quality Design We use advanced CAD and Roof System software to design your FluidFrame Wooden Roof Truss roofing structure. As well as engineering the structure to your specific conditions, we also optimise our design in a number of ways. Firstly, we optimise for simplicity of construction on site. The simpler the design, the easier and faster to erect with any labor force. We then optimise for cost without compromising structural integrity and durability. Finally, we optimise our design for shipping - making sure to reduce empty space in containers where possible. Quality Manufacturing Once we have designed your FluidFrame Total Roof system, we then fabricate the wooden roof truss and other components with the latest technology timber manufacturing systems. At the heart of the system is the multi-axis precision cut saw, which cuts components to within 0.1mm accuracy. All components are then inkjet labeled and packed in bundles suitable for container loading and unloading at destination.

  • Up to 40% less shipping volume
  • Minimal on site wastage
  • No onsite fabrication required
  • Fast erection time - 4 x faster than conventional methods
  • Specific Engineered solution for your project
  • Simple Kitset Design
  • Made from machine graded Renewable New Zealand pine
  • Treated timber for long life durability