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SED Timber Poles

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SED Timber Poles

We provide Standard SED Timner Poles for use in the Construction, Ground Works, Marine and Retaining Wall industries. SED Construction Poles are our bread and butter, through proven innovative techniques we are able to deliver consistent quality product and an efficient service.

The SED (Tapered) Poles are produced from high density logs pulled from forests in the North Island of New Zealand. All of the Standard SED Timber Poles are carefully selected for straightness, even taper, and a consistent quality. The treatment in these standard H5 construction poles is guaranteed for 50 years.

  • High Density
  • 150 SED - 600 SED+
  • 3.0m - 22m+
  • H3-H6+Marine Treatments
  • Huge Stock
  • Fast Turn around
  • Tipper Truck Deliveries
  • 50 Yr Treatment guaranted


150SED to 550SED

Larger/Thinner poles available on request

Length Range

3.0m - 22.0m

Longer/Shorter Poles available on request


H4 , H5 , H6 , H6+



High Density


8mm per m on average

KN Stress Testing

Up to 22.0m