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The SuhailHaus is a complete timber kitset solution developed for governments post 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Our team has developed the concept after providing FluidFrame kitset roofing structures to over 1000 houses for standard 86m2 tsunami reconstruction projects.

The idea behind the SuhailHaus was simple: to provide a quality, rapid-construction, cost effective, acceptable, and more environmentally friendly housing solution.

The key structural elements behind the SuhailHaus are the use of our successful Pole-Frame structure and solid wood walls. The design lends itself to be a fast installation, cost effective and dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

  • Pre-Manufactured Pole-Frame design fast to erect on site
  • No reinforced concrete foundations required
  • Pre-fabricated flooring system fast to assemble
  • All quality materials provided in package to lockup state
  • Pre-manufactured aluminum windows

  • Healthy Home
  • Modern Quality kitset structure based on traditional proven design
  • Lower total installed cost per housing unit
  • Superior fast and efficient installation
  • Made from locally accepted renewable New Zealand timber
  • Low carbon footprint and highly energy efficiency
  • Minimised shipping
  • Minimised site wastage