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Uglies SED Poles

Uglies are the same as the regular SED Timber poles, only differing in that they are debarked rather than peeled. All of the strength of the raw log is retained in the pole, and uglies are normally 15% stronger than standard peeled construction poles. Also, because the poles arent peeled, uglies are more cost effective than regular poles, and each pole is cheaper than standard. The obvious trade off is that uglies are not pretty, and are therefore not recommended for applications where poles will be exposed.

Uglies are the strongest and most cost effective poles we sell, ideal for foundations and below the ground applications.

  • LOWEST COST option for poles
  • High Density Poles Standard
  • Fast turn around
  • Largest machine stress tester in the Southern Hemisphere - machine stress tested poles to 20m!
  • 50 Year treatment guarantee
  • Tipper truck delivery
  • Treatment options from H4 to H6+