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Machine Round Wooden Poles

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Machine Round Wooden Poles

Machine rounds Wooden Poles have been machined to a completely round and uniform diameter finish. These poles start out life the same as our regular high density poles, but after the log is peeled, the pole is processed to a consistent uniform diameter finish. Because each pole can be machined identically, machine rounds are ideal for use in rural fencing, bollards and post applications. Machine rounds are fantastic for use in construction where each pole is required to be identical, and allow the use of "one size fits all" pole fastenings that could not be used with regular SED poles.

Machine rounds wooden poles provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to regular poles, are extremely useful in construction, and ultimately allow us to create innovative products that would be impossible with regular SED Timber poles.

  • Fast turn around
  • 50 Year treatment guarantee
  • We offer delivery options to suit
  • Large diameter machine rounds, no problem!
  • Custom shaping and pre-fabrication
  • Kiln drying OK
  • Clear treatment options for interior use
  • Plastic coated options for extreme durability and strengh
  • Treatment options from H4 to H6+