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Pole and Lumber Treatment


NZ Pole and Lumber Treatment to preserve our products against fungal decay and insect attack. We adhere to strict NZ and International Standards and the plant is verified regularly by in independent organisation (Verified Timber)

NZ Poles and NZ Lumber is available in a number of different treatments to suit the varied applications where our products are used. The wood is predominantly treated with CCA Chemicals, but can also be treated for BORON, ACQ, MCQ and LOSP as required or as legislated in particular countries.

The treatment dosing follows the New Zealand Hazard Class system, where treatment dosing is specified by the environment the timber will be in during its lifetime. The Hazard Class system is defined by strict New Zealand standards (specifically NZS3640 and NZS3602) and monitored regularly, to ensure quality and penetration.

Core samples are taken, and monitoring measures beyond that required by NZ Standards and Verified Timber are performed; This means a higher quality product.

The dosing of the New Zealand system compares favorably with most other countries, and in most cases we offer a higher minimum dosage and therefore protection. Comparison tables between our New Zealand Treatment Standards and other countries can be obtained on request from NZ Poles.  

The table below depicts the hazard class range and typical uses as well as the chemical compositions of each treatment.



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