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New Zealand Timber - Renewable

Our New Zealand Timber including Pine trees are natural carbon sinks. They are grown in plantation forests, meaning once they are felled they are then replanted following a renewable cycle. NZ pine is one of the few sources of quality timber available on the world market that is completely renewable. No tropical rain-forests or sensitive ecological systems are harmed during the production of our NZ Pole products.

As they grow, they absorb and lock in C02 from the atmosphere. Once the tree is converted to end use applications such as our poles, structures and timber buildings, this carbon remains securely trapped so is unable to contribute to global warming and other adverse climatic processes.

The advantages of building with NZ pine are becoming increasingly valuable to the global environment. Governments continue to increasingly stress the importance of building from renewable materials as the effects of climate change become more obvious. Roundwood Timber Poles product provide effective tools to help combat climate change and meet nations obligations under climate change initiatives such as the Kyoto Protocol.

The more trees we use, the more we grow, and more C02 is absorbed from the atmosphere. Using NZ Poles is good for the environment.

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